Nature Scavenger Hunt

Want to inspire your kids with a fun Saturday game? This printable nature scavenger hunt for kids includes pictures to help them identify objects. An outdoor scavenger hunt is a great way to spend time with kids and help boost their team building skills. (Ages 5+)

This game can also be played as a camping scavenger hunt. Campsites, backyards, parks, and forest trails are all ideal places to search for the clues in this game. It is important that kids of all ages search for these objects with an adult supervising, as some include finding a mushroom and a seed pod. These things are best left untouched where they grow, just check off the item when you find it! 

Nature Scavenger Hunt

There are a couple of ways to play the game. With one or two children, the best way is to walk with them as they discover each item and check it off the list as they point to it. If you have a group of kids playing, giving each a grocery sack to collect each item can be a fun yet competitive way to see who has the best eye!

Make sure you insist that players NOT pick any mushrooms, but simply draw a picture of one on the side of their paper sack when they have found it. This is the best way to keep everyone safe as you accompany them on their quest! 

Scavenger Hunt List Ideas

Outdoor scavenger hunts can always be tailored depending on the environment you will be playing in. Here are a few alternative list ideas depending on your climate:


  • Cacti
  • Lizard or gecko
  • Red rock


  • Frog
  • Large leaf
  • Wild fruit
  • Colorful butterfly

Spotting different kinds of local wildlife can be a fun way to add to your scavenger hunt as well as teach children about the animals we coexist with. Deer, amphibians, small reptiles, birds, insects, and rodents are a good place to start.

Look for as many of these animals together as you can, and then let the kids research them at home or at the library. They will definitely be interested in learning what the animals eats, where it sleeps, and how it lives after seeing it roam in the wild. 

Flora and Fauna Hunt for Kids

Bond with your children and watch them run and play with this fun outdoor scavenger hunt. Kids certainly don't stay little for very long, and it's the memories of good times that they will remember the longest. For just $6.95 you can download this game, print it as many times as you'd like, and save it on your computer forever. 

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