Baby Shower Trivia Game

Make your shower (or your friend's shower) a blast with this fun baby shower trivia game! Everyone loves interactive baby shower games; they always bring a feeling of fun and excitement to the party. Forget those boring, sit-around-the-mom-in-silence events and let's make your event the best baby shower possible. 

Here's the thing. Everyone loves trivia. Everyone. (Okay, maybe not everyone.) Guys like it because it doesn't revolve around birthing horror stories or cheesy mommy games. Your friends will enjoy it because it's slightly competitive and gives you the opportunity to show everyone what you know. And finally, any kids brought along to the party will enjoy it because, well, it's an age appropriate game that they can participate in! 

Below is a unique baby shower trivia game to get you started. If you are planning on creating your own baby trivia, I've created some guidelines below for finding the best questions to ask. Enjoy!

Baby Shower Trivia Game

Ultimate Baby Trivia

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Tips for Creating Great Baby Shower Games with Trivia

Some of the best baby shower games add an element of humor to them. Humor can be a great way to engage your guests and make sure everyone has a good time at the event. For example, in British terms "knocking someone up in the morning" means that they will be stopping by your house to chat. Depending on your audience, this might add some hearty laughs to your game of baby trivia.

Another thing to keep in mind when creating trivia is to ask questions that reveal an astonishing answer. Something that surprises the other players while teaching them something new will help make your game a hit. For example, did you know that babies are born with swimming abilities, and that they can even hold their breath? This is a natural instinct at birth, but is quickly lost as the baby gets older.

I'm going to plug in a cliche ending here, but the point really is to simply have a good time. You can make your trivia games as silly or as serious as you'd like, even downright hilarious with your favorite group of people. 

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